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We are located at:   236 W Sycamore St, Willows CA 95988

Sunday Service 10:30 AM


Church Phone – Outreach Center:  530-934-2122



Father, today I come to you a sinner in need of your mercy.  My heart is heavy with the conviction of my sins and there is nothing I can do to be worthy of your mercy and forgiveness.  Lord I do believe with all my heart that the only way to forgiveness is JESUS CHRIST your SON. LORD I thank you for making the way for my salvation and I Believe and Confess that JESUS died for my sins and that you raised him up from the grave to sit with you on the throne in heaven.  LORD JESUS I ask you right now to come into my life, cleanse my heart, mind, body, and soul of sin take up your rightful place in me as my LORD and SAVIOR.  AMEN

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